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The programme of events planned throughout the UK during the years 2013 - 2018 to commemorate the involvement of the Royal Navy in the First World War is available as a PDF document for download by clicking HERE. (PDF 3.05 Mbt)

Anne Scanlan welcomes old spectacles, for Africans.

We are looking for more restaurant possibilities to the west of the N21, several we used to use are unavailable or unsuitable. Please let us know if you have visited one that may be suitable.

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The March RNA Lunch will be held on 14th March at L'Etoile, St Nexans, just south of Bergerac Airport

The lunch will be preceeded by the AGM which will take place from 1045 (Coffee) until approx 1200, followed by drinks and then lunch.

We would like you to come to both but just come to the lunch if you wish.

If you can come please advise
KEN NAPIER at the latest by am on Monday 12th March

Please let us know in good time if you have any special dietary requirements and if you have to cancel, please tell us as soon as you know.

It helps too if you advise Ken that you CAN'T come as this reassures him that you've received the newsletter.

All emails will be acknowledged, so if you
don't get an acknowledgement - Ken hasn't seen your e-mail!

To attend the lunch or to tell us you are not coming either:

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Ken Napier: (05 53 01 72 80)

to reach him by am on Monday 12th March

Bottles for the raffle are very welcome.
Celebrating the formation of The Women’s Royal Naval Service and its influence on opportunities for women in today’s Royal Navy.

The leaflet is here:

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SSAFA will have a Book Sale at Castillones on 20 Feb and 20 March.